TRRC believes in inclusiveness and Rights principles and is open for NGOs, Movements, Organizations and Expert groups who fall in agreement with its codes and principles. TRRC does not have any other criteria what so ever to become a member except for the codes and principles. Since its inception on 30.12.05, the membership has grown from 90 to 300. Except for matters of emergency, all decisions of TRRC are only taken through a consultative process.

Guiding Principles

All of TRRC`s activities are based on the principles that are stated below;

1.  Commitment to the Rights and Equity principles in the relief & rehabilitation

2.  Recognition of the coastal communities Right to the Coast under customary international laws

3.  Positive discrimination based on Gender, caste, religion, livelihood, disability, Persons living with HIV / AIDS (PLHA), children and others to be ensure.

4.  Ensure protection of coastal ecosystems and natural landscapes

5.  Community participation to be ensured at all levels of relief & rehabilitation

6.  Committed to the principle of inclusiveness and social cohesiveness in relief & rehabilitation

7.  Commitment to minimum habitation standards 5 cents of land; 500 square feet built area for a family of 4-5 with running water, sanitation and other livelihood oriented facilities.

8.  To prevent and resist forced eviction of coastal communities

9.  To support all community based sustainable livelihood initiatives